The Tale: Two strangers, one an emergency room physician, the other a priest, chance to find the other one is also hearing some very bizarre reports. People coming to them for help are reporting that during life-threatenning events, they actually saw themselves die. Gradually the investigative-pair speculate an association between the incidents and a new antidepressant, Innerglow which seems to be an unexpected common thread. The deeper they dig, the weirder their worlds become. To complicate events, the powerful drug company responsible for Innerglow attempts damage-control at the expense of the truth. If the Innerglow effect is real, what does it tell us about life after death? Read The Innerglow Effect and find out! Could you handle the Innerglow effect? Nothing is as it seems!
The Innerglow Effect is my second novel. It is a story I am enormously proud of. You see, I love both good speculative fiction (weird fiction as it is now referred to) and medical fiction. Writing The Innerglow Effect gave me the wonderful chance to combine the two genres. The results will both thrill and surprise you. The book weaves together elements of the supernatural, spirituality, and boots-on-the-ground medical chops which I guarantee you will find is unique. I am especially proud of how the character development came-together, and how one character so deliciously fell-apart. If you love a thriller, if you love truly fresh weird fiction, and especially if you love to support the indie-authors of this bold new age of publication, check out The Innerglow Effect!

Monday, December 15, 2014

In The Can!

The vastly improved reedited second addition of The InnerGlow Effect is done!  Much better writing and an enhanced storyline make this The Bomb.  I promise!  Available now on Amazon as Kindle.  Trade paperback edition if you prefer Old School.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

WELCOME TO The Innerglow Effect BLOG!

The Innerglow Effect is also available as a solo-read podcast on iTunes and Download your free copy today!